Truth and Compassion

Throughout history, Christianity hasn’t been known for being successful at merging the two aspects of being the diffusers of God’s eternal truth and the spreaders of His infinite love. And unfortunately for the Church, the things we got wrong tend to stick more than those we did get right.

Case in point, the article Grace and Gay Men at Boundless. I found the following particularly stinging:

While some were claiming this was God’s curse against homosexuals, my gay friends wiped away my tears and held my hand as I waited on test result that I just knew were going to give me bad news.

The article concludes thus:

Do you think Christ used a gay man’s hands to wipe away my tears at 3:15 a.m. in a Nashville restaurant, as I mourned the loss of Ron and feared for my own life? Do you think Christ was using a gay man’s hands to hold my own as I grappled with “inconclusive” test results? Is it possible that Jesus goes places that the Church is sometimes afraid to?

I do.

That got me thinking… So how exactly do you show the love of God to someone who identifies themselves gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender (GLBT)? What came to mind was the account of Jesus and the Samaritan woman (John 4). Jesus first pointed her to Himself (verses 10-13), before pointing out her sins- both the moral and spiritual. We tend to do it the other way round.

I’m not claiming to be an expert. I need all the grace that God sends my way just as much as anyone in the GLBT community. May I always humbly remember that.