He was what??

Yesterday I mentioned it being too hot. Well, today was much warmer, but I have a few ideas for blog posts that are best churned out as soon as possible.

I was listening to a sermon by one Bayless Conley on Acts chapter 12. Here’s a summary: Herod Agrippa has the apostle James killed. Peter is arrested and thrown in (maximum security) jail. The church prays for his release. God sends an angel to bust him out. He goes to one of the houses where a prayer meeting was going on. The believers are first incredulous, and then astonished at his release. And the word of God continued to increase and spread (verse 24).

Back up to verse 6, though. Peter was sleeping. It was the night before his execution. He wasn’t praying. He wasn’t praising. He was in such a deep sleep the angel had to strike him to wake him up. Peter was still half-asleep as the angel led him out, because he couldn’t tell whether it was real or a vision (verse 9).

Reminds me of another man who chose to sleep at an inopportune time. King David wrote Psalm 3 when he fled from his son Absalom (the story’s found in 2 Samuel 15). In the fifth verse of the Psalm, he says:

I lie down and sleep;
I wake again, because the LORD sustains me.

Peter must have also been resting on this truth. Pastor Bayless also highlighted a specific promise made to Peter recorded in John 21, when he and Jesus were walking on the lake shore after the resurrection. Jesus said Peter would grow old. So, he probably wasn’t too worried about his head and body going separate ways in the then-near future.

I need to learn to put my trust in God like that. I need to learn to sleep more and worry less. And by God’s grace, I shall!