Magical Kenya

So, the Kenya Tourism Board has redoubled its efforts of late. I was excited to see the Rome metro filled with huge posters like this one: poster in Rome metro poster in Rome metro

Excellent! The Italian commuter desperate for a sunny getaway will then go to the website (if they remember the URL), and will be sorely disappointed—the only languages available are English and Chinese. Those are the most widely-spoken languages in the world, one may argue. But the way I see it is this: I see a poster in Italian/ French/ Spanish/ German/ Swedish, I go to the website, I hope to get info in Italian/ French/ Spanish/ German/ Swedish (assuming of course that the Tourism Board is spreading the word in those countries and more).

That’s not my only beef… I happened to visit the site before seeing the posters (thanks Google web history!), and wasn’t at all impressed. It looks rather dated, and may have as well been designed 5 years ago…  And looking under the hood at the underlying code— quite a mess…

I love my country. I’d like lots and lots of tourists to go there and (legally) spend wads of foreign cash. I’d volunteer to help  bring the site up-to-date if I was that good at web design. It’s not fair that we have to keep playing catch-up, especially when it isn’t something beyond our abilities.