A tale of two choirs

Every summer, Rome’s residents flee and tourists pour in. This dynamic touches our church, where we get the chance to host visiting choirs from the US. This summer, we’ve had three come visit, but as the title says, this post is about my impression of two of those.

After one choir performed, I was left with the thought, “That soprano’s voice is wonderful!”. After the other, my feeling was, “How great, how good God is.” Not that the latter choir didn’t have an awesome vocal performance. Not that I have anything against musical talent (I’d like some myself, honestly).  It’s just that on that Sunday, who God is and what He’s done was put more clearly on display— through the lyrics and the choir members themselves.

As I reflected, I recalled something I’d read:

The story is told of a group of American Christians who were visiting London [in the 1800s] for just one week. Their friends wanted them to hear the city’s two famous preachers and bring back a report. On Sunday morning they went to hear Joseph Parker, a man famed for his eloquent oratory. As they departed from the service, one of them exclaimed, “I do declare, it must be said, for there is no doubt, that Joseph Parker is the greatest preacher that ever there was!” The group longed to come back to hear Parker in the evening, but they remembered that friends would ask them about Spurgeon as well. So that night, they attended the Metropolitan Tabernacle, where Spurgeon was preaching. And as they departed, they spoke in marveling terms, “I do declare, it must be said, for there is no doubt, that Jesus Christ is the greatest Savior that ever there was!”

(Oops- person who quoted this didn’t say where they got it from.)

I hope in my life people don’t see me and my various talents :), but that they see the glory of Christ who lives in and through me…

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