Any time I go to the kitchen and living-room area, I’m assaulted and most often bitten by a mosquito. And I’m not the only one who wonders how these insect vampires fit into Romans 1:20. Why didn’t they die out in the flood or something like that?

A little girl in the U.S. asked another question of mosquitoes, and her mom sent it in by email to Albert Mohler’s Ask Anything Wednesday radio programme. She wondered, “Did God make mosquitoes before Adam sinned, and if so what did they eat?”

His answer:

“Did mosquitoes exist? Yes. In other words, when you start working through the days of creation it’s clear that God created all the different orders of the animals … and that would include the bugs, the insects, and other things that we have to scratch our heads and wonder how God’s glory is revealed in them. In other words, we know that God’s glory is in the mosquito, but when it’s biting on your arm or when it’s transmitting a disease, it’s hard to see.

“You know, the question of the mosquito… is the same question of the tiger, the lion, the bear or any other carnivore or anything else that preys on any other being… After the fall, we are told that when sin entered, so also entered death. When death entered, all of a sudden the tiger developed a taste for blood; for flesh, and it became a predator. Its predatory behaviour is a sign of the fall…

“That’s why one of the pictures of the kingdom of God that is produced by the Gospel is of the lion and the lamb together, where the lion has lost its taste for flesh. It no longer wants the blood of the lamb. It’s a beautiful picture…

“…before Adam fell, evidently the mosquito had no taste for blood. But after the fall, as a sign of the curse… the mosquito’s diet changed. What did it eat before? That I don’t know, but something that did not represent death.”

I never imagined mosquitoes could provoke such profound thought!