Go Kenya!

I was idle enough to watch almost the entire opening ceremony of the XXIX Olympiad, aka the Beijing Olympics. Quite a spectacular show they put on! All that money— and secrecy— certainly paid off.

When the Kenyan team appeared, I was horrified. Seriously. Were they actually wearing t-shirts???!! There was one other team worse dressed than us— I don’t recall from where— who had on nondescript blue and white track suits. I can only hope my compatriots make up for their bad dressing with a haul of medals (even though it was possibly some higher-up who made them wear that stuff).

I bet you didn’t know that Kenya has a rowing team! True, it is comprised of only one person, but the fact that he even qualified is reason enough to be amazed.

One thing I didn’t know was that there were white dudes on our team. And we did not import them.

Kenyan Olympic Team
Part of the Kenyan Olympic Team

I wish the team all the best- whatever their sport or genetic makeup!