Had I been there…

I don’t think I’ve ever been in a situation in which I have doubted my sanity. I do occasionally think it is precarious, considering my main companions are felines. However, if I’d been present at some of Improveverywhere’s stunts (or missions as they prefer to call them), I would have certainly wondered about someone’s mental state. Here are my faves:

Human Mirror: A New York subway car full of identical twins

Frozen Grand Central: Over 200 people freeze on cue at New York’s Grand Central Station

Food Court Musical: A spontaneous musical in an LA mall’s food court

Mobile Desktop: They went to a Starbucks- with their desktop PC, complete with a CRT monitor (and one comp ran on Windows 95!)

Look Up More: 70 people take over the windows of a retail building in Manhattan

Other than being there, I guess I’d also like to participate—as long as the mission doesn’t offend my sensitivites, of course. There is a Rome group, but like many things Italian, they’re all talk and no action. Oh, too bad…