The end is (not yet) nigh

Some people somewhere in the world are eating their words. “Who?” you ask. Well, those who said that the experiment with the Large Hadron Collider would create a black hole that would swallow the earth. Personally, I wouldn’t have minded the end of the earth coming today—I’m living through the exquisite pain of a tooth infection that has most likely gone down to the root. An end to that would have been most welcome.

I was recently among a group of people who were asked, “How many of you are sure you’re going to heaven?” It is my humble opinion, however, that this question needed to be followed up by another: “Why?” (those whom I’m familiar with know I’m a big fan of questions). Many, Christians included, believe you get to heaven by being good. Don’t commit any huge wrongs and/or keep a set of rules and you’ll earn your way to paradise. Therefore, someone may honestly and sincerely raise their hand in response to the first question, not knowing they’re honestly and sincerely wrong.

Being good and doing good aren’t bad. It’s the motivation that counts. For me, it is about pleasing my Lord and Saviour (I fail spectacularly at times, but that’s part of life in a fallen world). In addition, it is only because I have entrusted my life to Christ that I’m not afraid of the end of the world. Whenever it will come.