Easy money

The stock market is far from stable. The price of everything from pasta to petrol has Italian consumers griping. Good thing someone could win 88.2 million euros (before taxes, of course) by playing SuperEnalotto, the state lottery.

But is it really a good thing?

As a headline put it: Only the State is laughing. In 2008, SuperEnalotto has created €723 million of revenue for lo Stato Italiano. That’s money that could have been used to purchase the aforementioned pasta and petrol. Looking on the bright side, at least a part, maybe even all, of that money is used for cultural events and upkeep of monuments. Someone should get to cleaning the calcium deposits off all the Roman fountains.

Let’s shift the focus a little. Should a Christian play the lottery? Unsurprisingly, there is no clear Biblical answer for that. I find John MacArthur’s brief response to that question more than satisfactory.  He says:

…I do not believe the Bible legitimizes gambling (including the Lottery) as a means of stewardship…It plays into the hands of the people who need to learn how to work productively and not hope against hope…The Bible advocates gaining money by inheritance, by hard work, and by wise investment, but it never advocates getting rich by gambling or fast money.

Guess I’d better get back to working hard then…

Update: Tonight’s draw (an hour after I wrote this post) didn’t make a multimillionaire of anyone, so the jackpot’s up to 90.1 million…

Final Update: On Thursday 23rd October some (un)lucky soul in Catania, a town in Sicily, won €100,756,197.30.  Wishing them all the best…