Beauty and the Bible- Part 2

It has been over 10 days since Part 1 of this post: I had other priorities to take care of first. As promised, I’m now going to share as briefly as I can the  nuggets in the two audio messages I mentioned in that post.

Rediscovering Femininity and Modesty– Carolyn Mahaney

  • Femininity has its roots in Genesis 1&2. Woman was God’s idea; we are created feminine, it isn’t a matter of cultural conditioning.
  • As regards the cultural view of beauty, we women should ask ourselves, “Does the way I think about and attend to my personal appearance reflect a cultural standard or a Biblical standard?”
  • Culture promotes a love of self, the Bible promotes a love of God.
  • Resolutions to make:
    • Whom should I please in my pursuit of beauty? Single women are to please God alone (1 Cor 7:35). Married women are to please both God and husband.
    • We should accept the appearance and bodies God gave us (Here she told the story of missionary Gladys Aylward, who was the only one among her friends who  was short and had dark hair. She complained about this until she arrived in China as a missionary, and found that they looked a lot like her!)
    • We should recognise that our body isn’t our own (1 Cor 6:19-20)
    • We should replace vanity with a pursuit of godliness
  • The question to ask ourselves is this: Am I trying to draw attention to myself or to God?

The Vanity of Worldly Beauty– Mary Mohler

Biblical beauty:

  • Is pure and clean (good hygiene)
  • Is unique (no two people are exactly alike)
  • Is modest (Prov 11:22, 2 Tim 2:9)
  • Is polite and gracious (Phil 4:5, Col 4:26)
  • Is a reflection of the inner beauty of a quiet and gentle spirit

How to show the world Biblical beauty:

  • Undergo a daily internal beauty treatment—spend time in the Word to cultivate that quiet and gentle spirit
  • Know what’s Biblical and what isn’t— be on guard
  • Remember godliness with contentment is great gain. There are aspects of our lives and appearance we can’t change, so move on.
  • Do not shun beauty
  • Remember our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit—fuel them properly and exercise
  • Don’t jump to wrong conclusions—good looks can be deceiving
  • Keep a delicate balance between not caring enough and caring too much about physical appearance
  • Ask the right questions. Not, “Am I lovely?”, but, “Isn’t it wonderful that God would save a wretch like me?” Not, “Am I captivating?”, but, “Am I captivated by knowing God and making him known?” It isn’t about me!
  • Some other good questions to ask:
    • How can I use the temple God’s given me to glorify Him and point people to Christ?
    • What can I do to enhance my appearance to honour my Creator?
    • Will I remember to pray daily that God’s beauty be upon me even as I realise that I’m fearfully and wonderfully made?

That’s it. If my summary is too much of a summary, there are two options. The first is to take up the issue with my high school English teacher. The second, and undoubtedly much less of a hassle, is to click on the links and have a listen for yourself…