The cross of Christ

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One of the characteristics of having a blog is that it indulges your sense of self-importance. You get to set the agenda, however obscure or unpopular—although it certainly helps if it isn’t. I would therefore like to share with you a book I found quite helpful (that is a little of an understatement), The Cross of Christ, by John Stott.

I started reading it last February, and was hoping to be through by Easter—in time to meditate on the sacrifice made on the cross with a deeper understanding. I finished it in August; it is probably the deepest theologically-oriented book I’ve ever read. I determined to read through it again, making notes, and that’s where this blog comes in. I shall make my notes here in a series of posts (I haven’t worked out how many, but definitely more than four). I shall make my notes here in a 10-part series. It is my hope that both you, the reader, and I shall be newly affected—in heart and mind— by the Cross of Christ.

Post # Section title (in book) Chapter title (in book)
One Approaching the cross
  • The centrality of the cross
  • Why did Christ die?
  • Looking below the surface
Two The heart of the cross
  • The problem of forgiveness
Three The heart of the cross
  • Satisfaction for sin
Four The heart of the cross
  • The Self-Substitution of God
Five The achievement of the cross
  • The Salvation of Sinners
Six The achievement of the cross
  • The Revelation of God
Seven The achievement of the cross
  • The Conquest of Evil
Eight Living under the cross
  • The Community of Celebration
  • Self-understanding and Self-giving
Nine Living under the cross
  • Loving our enemies
  • Suffering and glory
Ten The pervasive influence of the cross