It’s cold and rainy

I have never seen as much rain in my life as I’ve seen fall in the last month. It has rained almost every day (and night) since early November. The dry days have bee few and far between. The sunny days have been a mockery—temperatures haven’t edged over 15° since October. The Tiber river was expected to overflow its banks within the Rome city centre this evening. Yesterday, it already burst its banks upriver.

The river’s famous bridges are looking frighteningly close to the water:

A bridge on the Tiber: Photo by adelegiorgia

The Tiberine Island is not looking too good either:

Tiberine Island flooded
Tiberine Island flooded: Photo by Zingaro

The Tiber’s main tributary, the Aniene hasn’t been left out of the party:

Tazio bridge on River Aniene
Tazio bridge on River Aniene: Photo by carlobusi

And there is no end in sight to all this rain—at least not in the near future. Oh, help!

Update 13 Nov: The much-anticipated overflowing of the Tiber in the historic centre never occurred, much to the disappointment of  all those concerned citizens, who, in defiance of the mayor’s orders to stay home, lined up on the banks of the river armed with cameras and camcorders like paparazzi trying to catch that winning shot of the wayward celebrity in trouble. The situation is stable,  but the high-alert state isn’t over yet.