You never miss the water…

…until the well runs dry. Yep, that’s one of the many proverbs I learnt way back in the days when my English classes had mandatory segments for reciting proverbs, phrasal verbs, similes and such. Good thing too, otherwise I may have had to really rack my brain for a title for today’s post :-). So here’s me feeling sheepish about being an ingrate:


Up to a little over 6 months ago, I lived in a less-than-accessible area of Rome. I loved it for its cleanness  and quietness,  and also because it was much cooler than the city centre.  Now that I’ve lived out of Rome for a while, I belatedly came to appreciate other things about my former home—the public transport, and the proximity to shops.  I always complained (out loud or silently) about how unreliable the 218 bus was, and how the little supermarket 15 minutes from the apartment didn’t have a wide range of goods. Wish I’d kept my mouth shut. Last Sunday, the bus I normally use to get into town (and to church) did not pass—the next one was scheduled to pass by 3 hours later. At my former home, I’d have had a 20-minute wait. I couldn’t call a taxi either, because it would cost me over €30. (That figure refers to the charge on the meter when the cab arrives at my door. Also, the distance I’d need to cover in the cab would be inferior to the one the cab driver would have to cover to get to my door. ) So, I missed the Sunday service. The best part was that I was to lead Bible study that morning, and if I may say so myself, that lesson was pretty good stuff…


Exactly four weeks ago, the boiler at the house stopped working. A plumber came in to look at it the same day, but couldn’t get it working like before—I had hot water, but no heating. The temperature inside the house dropped from around 19° to around 15° (it dipped to 14° about a week ago). I wrapped myself in a blanket and a scarf (which I crocheted a few days into the great cold)  and still felt cold. I had to have the little electric heaters on almost non-stop (to the delight of the electricity company, no doubt). The cats and I would snuggle together and share body warmth (I think I spoiled them). Then yesterday, a new boiler was installed.I especially loved not having to pre-warm my bed before entering it!


Next week, I return home to Kenya for a visit. I last went home over three years ago, and I’m really excited about spending a Christmas there after all this time. However, I know I’ll have to give up some things temporarily. The Internet, for example: the 3 podcasts I listen to; the 30 or so blogs I follow.  Writing this blog. Hopefully, I’ll be too busy to notice!