Resurrection day!

Today morning, I had the privilege of leading a Bible Study on the resurrection of Christ. We looked at possible (sceptical) explanations for the empty tomb; what Jesus Himself had told His disciples during His earthly ministry about His suffering, death and resurrection; and at the OT Scriptures that foretold of Messiah’s suffering, death and subsequent resurrection.

By far, the most compelling evidence for the resurrection was the change it produced in the lives of those men who on that Sunday morning locked themselves in an upper room out of sheer fear (that’s next week’s Bible study, which I won’t be leading ;)).

Months ago on this blog, I wondered what happened to those whom Christ Himself had handpicked to be His disciples. This blog post, What happened to the twelve apostles? How their deaths evidence Easter, gives a very in-depth analysis of the kind I was looking for, complete with grades of probability (!). Towards the end, he answers some objections such as Does this mean that if you die for something, it is true? At the very end, he provides some provoking study questions. Well worth the long read.

Christ is risen indeed!