What’s the relation?

A facetious post…  🙂

Automated systems can come up with unusual results, as we can see in the following screen-shot:

screenshotThe video features Matt Cutts, head of the Google web-spam team talking about stuff that webmasters and search engine optimisation (SEO) folk spend a lot of time agonising over. YouTube  surmised that these people would be interested in viewing a video on how to apply makeup during chemotherapy (with all respect to cancer patients);  three (different?) videos of a “Landrover standing 40 feet high at Goodwood with Lord March G” (I won’t even go there). What’s the relation? Sculpting?

More puzzling of course, is the Serbian Interview. Is that an interview in the Serbian language? Or a Serbian being interviewed? Or they’re talking about Serbia? Or none/all of the above?