Jesus in Revelation

It could be said that the Apostle John had a predilection for recording what Jesus said about Jesus. Case in point: John’s gospel contains the seven “I am” sayings of Jesus. Honestly, I’d never taken note of the statements Christ makes about Himself in Revelation, as concerned as I was with the beasts and all. Had it not been for better Biblical teaching, I may have never noticed…

Here’s how the risen Christ reveals Himself:

  • 1:17: the First and the Last. (See also Isaiah 44:6 and Isaiah 48:12)
  • 1:18: the Living One, who was dead, is alive forever and ever and holds the keys of Death and Hades
  • 2:1: Him who holds the seven stars in his right hand and walks among the seven golden lampstands (Verse 20 of chapter 1 explains that the seven stars are the angels of the seven churches , and the seven lampstands are the seven churches) Continue reading

I [heart] Jesus

The guys at Mars Hill Church say they’re OCD about Jesus. I think they’re telling the truth. Here’s a screenshot of the page source (geek-speak for what’s under the hood) of one of their web pages :

Behind the scenes of a web page
Behind the scenes of a web page

Strangely silent

You know how you can become so familiar with something that you fail to notice certain oddities?

Do you find it odd that the Bible is maddeningly taciturn on the birth, crucifixion, death and ascension of Christ? Yes, I know the Bible says that they happened, but not much of a description of how they happened is given: Continue reading