Blessed is Jesus

Introduction: After Revelation, I’m now going through Matthew— though I really should be in the OT— and I’m doing so in the company of 13-year old lectures from the Life and Teachings of Jesus module at Covenant Theological Seminary. End of introduction.

Here’s something worth considering about the beatitudes: they are descriptive of Christ. (An exception may have to be made for no. 1, blessed are the poor in spirit.) Take a closer look at the other seven:

Blessed are …

  • those who mourn: Isaiah called Jesus a man of sorrows. Jesus also wept over Jerusalem’s unrepentance.
  • the meek: any objections, even though I can’t quote a verse?
  • those who hunger and thirst for righteousness: He was baptised in order to “fulfill all righteousness”
  • the merciful: you don’t need proof that Jesus was merciful, do you?
  • the pure in heart: no proof needed here, IMHO
  • the peacemakers: He came to make peace between sinful man and a holy God
  • those who are persecuted because of righteousness: rather obvious, no?

The conclusion that I draw is this: blessed are those whose character is the same as that of Christ’s. Thank goodness He helps us achieve it, or else…