Knowing God, chapter 7: God unchanging

As we read the Bible, we may wonder how the record of God’s dealings with Abraham, Moses and David can help us today. After all, they live long ago in a culture very unlike ours. What is the link between their situation and ours? The link is God Himself: the same God with whom they had to do is the same God with whom we have to do. The truth that bridges our experience and that of the people in Bible times is God’s immutability.

* * *

God doesn’t change.

  • God’s life doesn’t change. Psalm 93:2, Psalm 90:2.“He cannot change for the better, for He is already perfect; and being perfect, He cannot change for the worse. ”–A. W. Pink.
  • God’s character doesn’t change. Exodus 3:14; 34:5-7; James 1:17
  • God’s truth doesn’t change. Isa 40:8; Ps 119:89, 152
  • God’s ways don’t change. He continues to act towards sinful men in the same way He did in Bible times. He still hates sin; still seeks the fellowship of His people.
  • God’s purposes don’t change. 1 Sam 15:29; Num 23:19. God’s plans are made on a complete knowledge and control of all events past, present and future.

We do read of God ‘repenting’ (Gen 6:6; 1 Sam 15:11; 2 Sam 24:16; Jonah 3:10). However, there is no suggestion that the turn of events took God by surprise.

  • God’s Son doesn’t change. Heb 13:8.

* * *

Since God doesn’t change, fellowship with Him, trusting His word and living by faith are the same realities today as they were for OT and NT believers.