The sluggard

The book of Proverbs in the Bible paints an over-the-top picture of the sluggard. He is hinged to his bed; he has a fear that he’ll be killed if he leaves home; he has a garden overgrown with weeds; and my favourite, he’s too lazy to bring his hand up to his mouth from the dish.

In reading that, we rightly conclude that we’re not that badly off. But as Joshua Harris pointed out in a recent sermon, most of us aren’t sluggards in every area of our lives. We could be very hard-working in some aspects of our life, but that only serves to avoid working on a particular task that needs to be done. This was helpful to me, as it confirmed a suspicion about myself I’ve had for a while: I can be very hard-working, but I can also be extremely slothful (e.g. when it comes to housework in general and dusting in particular).

So what’s a girl to do? Harris advises that we pick one area in which we feel convicted, and work on that. Just one. He helpfully points out some areas:

  • work/career
  • pursuing God
  • building one’s marriage
  • parenting/discipling kids
  • pursuing fellowship with other believers
  • sharing the gospel

In everything, remembering that our strength to overcome sluggardly beahviour doesn’t come from us, but from God.