Goodness vs goodness

Have you ever noticed that in the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus doesn’t contrast evil and good, but good and good?

A few examples: Instead of contrasting light and darkness, he draws His listeners’ attention to placing a lamp under a bowl and placing it on a stand. In both cases there’s light, you see. Further, He says it isn’t enough not to murder or not to commit adultery; you must also not hate your brother nor harbour lustful thoughts. The twist on this is that the first group were obeying the 10 commandments. And so on with giving to the needy, praying and fasting while putting on a show. Nothing wrong with those spiritual disciplines, but Jesus says to do them in secret. Continue reading

Haiti, Haiti

Since Monday, I’ve been doing some research (on behalf of others) on development in Africa. This topic inevitably led to aid in general, and humanitarian aid in particular, which led me to reading up on the current situation in Haiti. I happened upon a couple of blogs, and I’d like to share some of what I read:

Haiti needed help long before this disaster. Continue reading

Feed reader accountability

After over a decade, I’m doing it again. I’m reading through the Bible in one year. To my shame, my previous two (successful) efforts as a teenager were a matter of doing the right thing for the wrong reason. I read through the Bible just so that I could say that I had done so. There was no desire there to know more of God, or to gain any lasting information and subsequent transformation. When I realised this, I was so mad at myself it has taken me something like 13 or 14 years to have another go. Continue reading