Feed reader accountability

After over a decade, I’m doing it again. I’m reading through the Bible in one year. To my shame, my previous two (successful) efforts as a teenager were a matter of doing the right thing for the wrong reason. I read through the Bible just so that I could say that I had done so. There was no desire there to know more of God, or to gain any lasting information and subsequent transformation. When I realised this, I was so mad at myself it has taken me something like 13 or 14 years to have another go.

However, it’s not like I ended 2009 resolved to make this commitment. No, I stumbled into it. While checking out a website that gets my sporadic attention on the 5th of January, I noticed a new blog (which is really a free online version of a 2-volume book set which has a commentary for each day’s reading) with the aforementioned Bible reading plan. Thus, my feed reader will accuse me if I fall behind or neglect my undertaking. An unforgiving accountability partner it is: it will call things as they are!

If I stick with it until Dec 31, I’ll have read through the NT and Psalms twice  and the rest of the Bible once. In addition, I’ve already picked out my reading plan for 2011: it has 25 readings each month, so that you can use the extra days to catch up or to review previous readings. Alas, that one doesn’t come with a blog 😦

Back to 2010,  it is my hope that I won’t make the same mistakes I did before in making this discipline all about me. Just this morning, I read the following quote by G.K. Chesterton

“How much larger your life would be if your self could become smaller in it.”

I want to decrease so that God may increase in my life. I spent 2009 in an extended pity-party, and I didn’t enjoy it very much ( the year and the pity-party). I want to be able to say what Habakkuk says (or the 21st century equivalent) and mean it. Dear Lord, help me take my eyes off myself and fix them firmly on You.