Someone remembered!

It didn’t cross my mind. Even they missed it by a few months, but they remembered. What, you ask, am I going on about? It has been over 10 years since I started using Hotmail.
It was some time in the second half of 1999, and I went to an Africa Online e-touch centre (I think that was the name) in downtown Nairobi, which turned out to be a dingy office staffed by an over-eager lady. The connection was horrendously slow, and the transaction cost me dearly in economic terms. But I had an email address (all 2MB of it)! I was now potentially connected to anyone in the world!
My journey on the WWW (which also happens to be my dad’s initials) had begun. The image below, in Italian, reminds me that when I started using Hotmail, folks were using Windows 98, listening to the Spice Girls and not bothered with cellphones.
I have long since stopped using my Hotmail address as my primary email address—it quickly filled with spam, in no small part as a result of my ignorance. I now use it to sign up for newsletters and for anything that requires an email address. I wonder what I’ll be doing with it ten years from now…