They just don’t get it

There are some people who contend that the New Testament accounts of the life of Jesus are fabrications—made up by the early church to make Him out to be someone He wasn’t.  I just wonder how closely they’ve read the Gospels, because their content is quite often counter-productive to the aim of getting people to believe (in an invention).

Take the disciples: why would anyone, let alone God Himself,  ever entrust anything to them? In Matthew’s gospel, Jesus often refers to their little faith.  Time and again, they just didn’t get it. Jesus had to instruct them many times about greatness, about bread… (The Pharisees, on the other hand, were fixated on signs and Beelzebub).When Jesus’ time of greatest need came, the disciples were asleep, and a short while later deserted Him. Really good way to convince everyone to come to your side…

One more thing about the counter-productivity. What to make of Jesus’ cry on the cross, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Why would you put such words in the mouth of your founder? Why indeed, unless they were truly uttered by Him. Those words are so problematic as to have almost certainly been said by Jesus.

I’m glad the Bible shows us not only the heroic side of the people in it, but also their own shortcomings. That way, when I mess up royally, I know it didn’t surprise God. He’s been dealing with fickle folk like me for millennia. And I’m especially thankful that He sees me through the sacrifice of His perfect Son, who accomplished all the perfection I’m utterly incapable of.

Source: Tim Keller and maybe someone else…

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