49: Christ suffered and died so that He would be crowned with glory and honor

This is part 49 of 50 in a series based on the book ‘Fifty Reasons Why Jesus Came to Die’. Read the introductory post or view all the posts in the series.

Ref: Hebrews 2:9; Philippians 2:7-9; Revelation 5:12.

The passion of Jesus Christ did not merely precede the crown; it was the price,and the crown was the prize. He died to have it.
Many people stumble at this point. They say, “How can this be loving? How can Jesus be motivated to give us joy if he is motivated to get his glory?” […]
But we know better. Even before we come to the Bible, we know this is not so. Our happiest moments have not been self-saturated moments, but self-forgetful moments. There have been times when we stood beside the Grand Canyon, or at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, or viewed a stunning sunset over the Sahara,and for a fleeting moment felt the joy of sheer wonder. This is what we were made for. Paradise will not be a hall of mirrors. It will be a display of majesty. And it won’t be ours.
[…] If we are to be as happy as we can be, we must see and savor the most glorious person of all, Jesus Christ himself. This means that to love us, Jesus must seek the fullness of his glory and offer it to us for our enjoyment.

—Pages 116, 117

I find this concept freeing. If it was all about my being made much of, there are days I would be less deserving than others.  Knowing that it doesn’t depend on me frees me to make much of Christ, because He never changes. If you don’t understand what I’ve just said, don’t worry, I’m still trying to grasp it myself 🙂