Lies Women Believe

Lies Women Believe
Lies Women Believe by Nancy Leigh DeMoss

It’s time for more book notes! The book, as you can see on the left is Lies Women Believe (subtitle: And the truth That Sets Them Free) by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. It differs from other books I’ve previously blogged on for three reasons (that I’ve been able to identify): (a) it was written by a woman; (b)the author doesn’t go by initials*; (c) it was published in this decade (2001). Points (a) and (b) weren’t deliberate choices, while (c) was.

On to my overview of the book. In her years of leading women’s conferences, the author found herself weeping over the prayer request cards the attendees handed in. Women whose lives were in a shambles, yet they put on a brave face and said, “Everything’s fine.” Christian women in bondage to lies, and who were unaware of it. So she wrote this book, in which she details 40 lies women are prone to believe. The list is by no means exhaustive, nor is it exclusive to the female gender. With a few exceptions, this book is descriptive of Christian men as well.

The book is divided into 3 sections: Foundations, Lies women believe and Walking in the truth. The middle section is further divided into 8 thematic groupings of the lies we believe (about God, about marriage, etc). She uses the biblical technique of replacing the lie with the truth, with short study sections at the end of each chapter. She leans heavily on the Bible, though it may be said that in some cases the biblical support for her theses is scant.

Should you read it? Yes. Especially before you get to the point of being so bound up in the devil’s lies, you can’t see a way out. In the next eleven weekdays, I’ll be posting my notes chapter-by-chapter.

*The authors whose books I’ve previously gone through are J.I. Packer. R.C. Sproul and C.S. Lewis.