40% of the Old Testament is made up of narrative.

The New Testament makes up 23% of the Bible.

The longest books in the New Testament are Luke, Acts, Matthew (in that order).

92% of Mark’s gospel is found in Matthew’s.

We know a lot more about Jesus’ last week than the rest of His life combined. 33% of Matthew, 37% of Mark, 25% of Luke and 42% of John is devoted to the Passion Week/ Holy Week.

30% of Acts is composed of the apostles’ discourses.

The book of James contains 59 commands in its 108 verses.

Only 8 of 27 New Testament books were written by members of the Twelve (Matthew’s gospel, John’s gospel and 3 epistles, Peter’s 2 epistles and Revelation).

Sources: Covenant Theological Seminary, David Jackman, Mark Driscoll (?)