Room temperature

This past weekend, and indeed all of last week, has been the hottest in Italy so far this year. ‘Hot’ just doesn’t begin to describe the weather we’ve had; one of the Italian terms (temperature infuocate) translates roughly to ‘fiery temperature’. That’s what I’ve been feeling in my bedroom:

Room temperature
Room temperature

The graph above represents readings taken yesterday from 6am to 11pm. The dip at 8am is as a result of my opening the window shutters (I sleep with the window open and the shutters closed). I forgot to take readings at 10am and 4 pm, so those two values are averages of the preceding and following values. On the other hand, I took readings at 3am Saturday (33.6°) and at 3am on Sunday (34.0°): the heat makes it hard to sleep well. Thankfully there’s no shortage of advice. This video tells me to sleep in a wet t-shirt and take warm showers, for example.

Unlike some, I prefer winter to summer (though sunset at 5pm bums me out). In December, I can wrap myself in a blanket, grab a cup of hot chocolate and park myself near a heater. In July, I start to sweat 5 minutes after stepping out of the shower. I can’t wait for my favourite month, October!!

Update, 2 weeks later:

I took some more readings at the end of an uncharacteristically cool summer week, and got a minimum of 26.5 °C at 6am and a maximum of 31.9°C at 7pm. Put another way, the max temperature was lower than the min temperature of two weeks ago. I’m still waiting for autumn, though…