From generation to generation

As a teen, Jared Mellinger would sit on the front row at church—and sleep. Now in his late twenties, he’s a pastor and in this sermon has the following to say about reaching young people who were like him:

    • Be concerned beyond your generation (Psalm 78:5-6).
    • Dazzle the next generation with God (Psalm 78:4).
      • Don’t stress behaviour modification, but the message of God’s word.
      • Don’t tell them to do stuff, tell them what God has done.
      • Set their hope in God (Psalm 78:7), teaching them not to forget what He’s done and to keep His commands.
      • Admit that you won’t always be a perfect example.
    • Make faithfulness your passion (Psalm 78:8)

    Listen to the entire sermon (length–47:44).