Forgiven to forgive

There are sermons that, when you hear them, comfort you and soothe your troubled heart. There are other that leave you cut up and broken. Forgiven to forgive by Josh Harris was one of the latter for me.

When we refuse to forgive, we reveal that we don’t understand or remember how God has forgiven us in Christ. The parable of the unmerciful servant (Matthew 18:21-35) teaches how great God’s forgiveness of me is, and how God’s forgiveness of me is connected to my forgiveness of others.

The king in the parable forgives a debt that would have been impossible for the servant to pay, and in so doing, the king takes a huge financial loss. God forgives us, and more than that, He has paid the debt Himself.

The first servant didn’t grasp grace: he thought he could repay the debt, and he didn’t express gratitude for the forgiveness he’d received. The way you treat others shows how you think of God. If you think you can earn forgiveness from God, you’ll demand that others earn it from you.

Forgiveness from the heart isn’t to say that the sins against us are a small thing, but that God’s forgiveness of us is a great thing!

Listen to the sermon (length–47:51). Additionally, Alistair Begg’s sermon Forgiven and Forgiving, Part 2 (length–60:31) makes many of the same points.