Advent with Messiah: Introduction

I first heard Handel’s Messiah as a young teenager in Nairobi. A local production was on telly, and for some reason I watched it. Today, years later, I can’t think of Psalm 2 or Isaiah 9 without hearing the music in my head.

For the next 24 days I’m going to post my favourite videos of Messiah performances. Why 24? That’s the amount of time it took Handel to write the musical score (he recycled some stuff he’d written for secular projects—how scandalous!). Along with the videos will be the text, almost entirely taken from the King James Version. I looked up the verses in the heat of summer—that’s how long I’ve had this series planned! I was glad to liberate myself of my mondegreens.

I’m not the first to blog through Messiah. But I’m doing it anyway as my way of crowning my Bible-in-a-year endeavour and paying tribute to the upcoming KJV quadricentennial in 2011.

To start off, here’s the overture:

And here are all the posts in one place:

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