Are you an Islamicised Christian?

The Koran and the Bible have differing views on God, sin, salvation, eternity and more. In this interview Dr Keith Small, who’s a Christian and a Koranic scholar, suggests how Christians can unknowingly adopt an Islamicised approach to God:

  • By treating God as distant. Not treasuring a personal relationship with Him; dependence on mediators. In the Bible, sin is the barrier between God and man. In the Koran, the barrier is God’s transcendence.
  • By diminishing Jesus. He wasn’t just a prophet or a teacher, but God in the flesh.
  • By lacking assurance. Not resting on Christ’s finished work; depending on a works salvation, legalism and ritualism.

You can always listen to the whole interview (length 38:29) for more details. On the same site you can also find an introduction to Islam (length 1:18:01). Topics covered include what the Koran says about scripture, revelation, the nature of God, sin, the last judgment, heaven, hell, the resurrection, etc. The funniest bit (at around the 1h 10min mark) is what early Islamic commentators thought the word ‘messiah’ meant. Simultaneously hilarious and sad, as the guys in the studio point out.