Making the most of it

These are my notes on a sermon by the same name, based on the opening verses of Genesis 39 and preached by Alistair Begg. Listen to the entire sermon (length 49:05).

There is no ideal place to serve God except where He has set you.

A. Joseph was protected
1. Joseph was protected by the presence of God. He was kept alive from the time his brothers threw him in a pit until now he’s in Potiphar’s house. While he wasn’t protected from the circumstances, he was protected in the circumstances. God often changes our attitudes to our circumstances instead of changing them. In this case, God was dealing with Joseph’s character— pride amongst other things.
2. Joseph was protected from man’s perversity. The silent killers of resentment, self-pity and bitterness didn’t get a hold of him.
3. Joseph was protected for a special purpose.

B. Joseph was prospered
In Potiphar’s service he was diligent, obedient, reliable, industrious and conscientious. He didn’t have to tell Potiphar that there was blessing on his life, Potiphar saw it for himself (Gen 39:3)

C. Joseph was promoted
Gen 39:4. A result of God’s being with Joseph.

Lessons Alistair learned from Joseph’s story:

  • When you shun trials, you miss blessing
  • When all you have is sunshine, all you get is desert
  • More spiritual progress is made through failure and tears than through success and laughter