The days of creation

These are notes on part of a sermon by Tim Chester.

The sermon, entitled A Theology of Washing Up (length 51:27 ), is about the sacred/secular divide in general and how to wash dishes to the glory of God in particular. While the entire sermon is definitely worth a listen, I shall focus on a portion of it (19:52 – 26:00) where he points out patterns in the creation narrative I’d never noticed before.

In days 1-3 God takes what was formless and gives it form; in days 4-6 He takes what is empty and fills it. He orders the chaos and He fills.

Additionally, in the first three days God separates and names.

Day 1: God creates light and dark Day 4: God creates sun, moon and stars to fill the heavens
Day 2: God creates water and sky Day 5: God fills the water with fish and the sky with birds
Day 3: God creates land Day 6: God fills the land with animals

The task given to humanity (Gen 1:28) mirrors God’s own creative activity: to govern and to fill. It’s no surprise that Adam’s first governing activity is to name the animals created on days 5 and 6. God begun the naming, but extended it to mankind made in God’s image.