Why historians (should) take the resurrection seriously

First, if you’re not a historian, why should you take the resurrection of Christ seriously?

Now on to historians.
The following aren’t historical proofs, but compelling reasons for not discounting the resurrection of Christ as myth:

  1. There was no cultural expectation or precedent that would have led to the invention of the belief in resurrection.
  2. The belief in the resurrection didn’t develop slowly as legend, but was part of bedrock Christian belief from very early on.
  3. (Details in the video below)

  4. There was almost certainly an empty tomb. The dispute in antiquity was how it got that way, and not whether it was empty or not.
  5. There was a significant number of men and women who put themselves forward as witnesses for the resurrection, and many died defending it.

Given these pieces of information, why would a person not believe in the resurrection? Because if there is a God above the laws of nature, He makes a claim on our lives.