Comfortable evangelism is an oxymoron

Especially when it comes to witnessing to family members. In the video below Randy Newman (from whom I borrowed the title of this post) talks about his latest book, Bringing the Gospel Home: Witnessing to your family members, close friends and others who know you well.

In this talk bearing the same title as the book Newman uses the first 20 minutes to explain some of the paradoxes in evangelism  (which he also blogged about: part 1, part 2). In the last 20 minutes, he goes on to give three essential ingredients for witnessing to family members, handily summarised by the letters TLC.

  • Time: It may take years and decades of prayer before a loved one comes to faith.
  • Love: In families, love is often assumed and not adequately expressed [I’m guilty of this 😦 ]
  • A comprehensive faith: How does your belief in Christ affect the rest of your life?

The final resource I’ll point to is this interview Newman did (length 50:55). Here are some of the questions he answers (I’ve edited them for clarity):

  • Is it the primary responsibility of believers to witness to their family members?
  • How often are words necessary?
  • How direct should our words be?
  • What lessons have you learned that you’d like to pass on?

May we be consistent in my praying for and loving those close to us who are yet to share the joy of knowing our Saviour.