Of political cartoons and the book of Revelation

Earlier this year, my Bible reading plan had me reading Revelation and Isaiah contemporaneously. Try it sometime and see how much more sense the last book of the Bible makes! (Note that I said how much more. I don’t claim to have it all figured out 🙂 )

To the point of this post: see how political cartoons can help us understand Revelation’s imagery by reading Dr. Seuss and Revelation. Then have a listen to the conversation (embedded below) between George Guthrie and Scott Duvall on how to read the book of Revelation:

Part 1

Topics discussed:

  • Why Revelation is so hard to read
  • How to understand the symbols
  • Reasons for the symbolism
  • The image of the serpent in chapter 12

Part 2

Topics discussed:

  • The 1st century believers understood it. How can we do the same?
  • The OT source of the symbols
  • The main message of Revelation
  • How Revelation fits into the grand scheme of the Bible

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