Titus & 1 Peter: Why do good

This post is related to How Christians silence their critics.

Christians should always be ready to do good, but why?

  • God made us to be eager to do good works (Titus 2:14)
  • Good works are excellent and profitable (Titus 3:8)
  • Through them we can help in cases of urgent need (Titus 3:14)
  • They keep us from being unfruitful (Titus 3:14)
  • They will cause our enemies to glorify God (1 Peter 2:12)
  • Through them we silence the ignorance of foolish people (1 Peter 2:15)
  • Suffering for doing good brings favour with God (1 Peter 2:20, 3:17)

Be sure to read the books of Titus and 1 Peter to get the proper context!