This is my 500th post!

As I did at my last centiversary, here’s the top 10 list for the most viewed posts in the period from then to yesterday.

1. I am a Ribbon Hero!
A piece conceived as pure filler material 😥

2. Why did Jesus have to be tempted anyway?
I hadn’t considered that there was more to this account than meets the eye.

3.  Knowing God, chapter 13: The grace of God
Notes on the doctrine of grace

4. The Bible is His story
I had no recollection whatsoever of this post until I looked it up 😦

5. Kings and prophets in the Old Testament
A listing of the aforementioned personages.

6. The parable of the lost sheep
Notes on sheep/shepherd passages in the Old Testament

6. Holy Week timeline visualisation
What happened during Holy Week, where it happened and who was involved

8. How to tell if you’re proud and what to do about it
10 questions to ask yourself

9. Hebrews: Jesus is better
My first little infographic-like production

10. Forgiven 10,000 talents
How to apply the parable of the unmerciful servant

Then and now

I know you’re not burning with curiousity to know, but here’s what happened to last time’s top 10:

Old Rank New Rank Old Rank New Rank
 1  215 (60-way-tie)  6  5
 2  –  7  13
 3  –  8  124  (20-way-tie)
 4  124  (20-way-tie)  9  26 (2-way-tie)
 5  48 (3-way-tie)  10 / 10  70 (17-way-tie) / 15

Yes, there were lots of ties. By way of demystification, the former top post received only one view. May the new top post suffer the same fate. 😉

And what of the celebratory post that announced all these others? It’s at number 26.


As I say on my about page, I write mainly for myself. This conviction was sorely tested last month when my traffic inexplicably dwindled. The total amount of traffic I received in a 12-day period was equal to what I normally received on one day. That was a perplexing time.

At my current blogging schedule, I’ll be at 600 posts in about a year’s time (Lord-willing). To my (three) faithful readers: thank you, and I hope you’ll still be around for #600 and beyond!

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