A very long New Testament survey

A few days ago I (finally) finished listening to Bill Mounce’s New Testament survey over at the Biblical Training (BT) site, and I really liked it.

The thing is, I don’t know why. Maybe it was Mounce’s teaching style. Maybe it was the downloadable notes that helped me follow along. Maybe it was that I listened in the cool of autumn and winter and not the middle of summer as with other BT material. Or it could have been that it was more in-depth than other NT surveys I’ve followed.

If you have the interest, and more importantly, the time, do have a listen. The one caveat I would give is that Dr. Mounce is unapologetically Calvinistic in his worldview, which colours his interpretation of so-called “problem” passages. I certainly didn’t agree with him on every point he made.

Now, I need to dig around the BT site and see if they have anything comparable for the Old Testament…
(Addendum: this looks like it!)