How to figure out your divine calling

How do you find out what God has called you to do? Moses got a burning bush, Isaiah and Ezekiel saw heavenly visions and Saul of Tarsus was blinded. Dramatic stuff. Matthew was at his tax-booth, Zacchaeus was up a tree and Timothy was in a local church when each was called. Not quite as dramatic. Clearly, one size doesn’t fit all.

A church-planting couple in Vancouver has compiled a list of the neat and tidy tips on figuring out your call as well as a list of the messy and ugly confessions that inhibited them from hearing and from following God’s call.

The main points in each list  are summarised below:

Neat and tidy tips Messy and ugly confessions
Natural giftedness and abilities My timing vs. God’s timing
Personal History Pattern of Sin
Tugs at your heart Hiding our Brokenness
Prayer Entitlement
Be faithful Fear
Open doors Lack of prayer
Can’t shake it Limited knowledge
It fits you Counting the Cost and Accepting the Loss
Coincidence Disobedience
Outside confirmation Spiritual warfare

Do read the posts in full!

2 thoughts on “How to figure out your divine calling

  1. Great blog, Nelima! Love visiting!
    My two cents on this topic is that such a list makes me feel schizophrenic. Seriously, while I appreciate the spirit of humility and concern to be in His will concerning our ministry call, I don’t know that such a list will help us discern. I recommend a small but useful book by renowned exegete and theologian, Bruce Waltke: Finding the Will of God, A Pagan Notion. While a bit disconcerting at first, I find his thoughts and conclusions very Biblical and very helpful personally in my walk with my Lord.

    1. Thank you JJ for the kind words!
      I agree that the long list can be overwhelming, and maybe even counterproductive for some people. I think the best way to approach it is to get down some principles such that when you’re at the point of having to make a decision, you have something to start building on.
      That book recommendation looks good, too!

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