Better—and prettier—king lists

One of the most viewed posts on this blog (currently at #6) is Kings and prophets in the Old Testament, in which I tried to make sense of all those monarchs. The lists I prepared for that post are fine if all you want is a bare-bones, sequential list of names.

If you’re looking for visual flair and essential information here are two I like:

Rulers of Israel and Judah, by the Good Book Company

Part of an infographic of the rulers of Israel and Judah
Click to view

Kings of Judah & Israel, by Visual Unit/ Mark Barry

Excerpt of an infographic of the Kings of Israel and Judah
Click to view

That said, if you’re interested in causes of death, my boring list is the only one with that info 😉

3 thoughts on “Better—and prettier—king lists

  1. I like the colored Rulers of Israel and Judah chart very much, but clicking on the link gives me a “page not found”. Any ideas as to how to find the chart so I can download it for our family?

      1. Wow, that was a fast response. Thank you VERY much. It’s just what I needed. I’m so glad you kept the file around. It’ll be very helpful in getting a better picture of what was going on during that time in history.

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