So much God

Earlier this month, my Bible study group went through the call of the prophet Jeremiah. Following the study guide, we discussed Jeremiah’s excuses, the task he was called to, how he may have felt about it, and so on. Some ten days later, Jeremiah 1 was part of my daily Bible reading. In the intervening time, I’d read a couple of articles that weighed heavily on my mind and challenged me on the perspective from which I approach the Bible[1].

My mind thus primed, it came home to me how Jeremiah 1 is so not about the prophet. Have a look (as always, click to enlarge):

Jeremiah 1
Jeremiah 1


  • Black: narration
  • Orange: narration of Yahweh-initiated actions
  • Red: speech attributed to Yahweh
  • Blue: speech attributed to Jeremiah

[1] For the curious, the first article is The subject of your prayers. The choice is between you and God. The second and much lengthier article is an academic evaluation of children’s picture bibles. Among other things, this gave me an appreciation of how we can unwittingly alter the perception of a biblical text through what we emphasise and/or omit when retelling an account from the Bible.