This is my 600th post!

I like blogging. One thing I find both entertaining and disturbing about it is looking at the search terms that bring people here. It’s entertaining because (1) people type in the weirdest stuff and (2) a search engine algorithm decided my piddling little blog was an authority on that stuff. It’s disturbing because it is impossible to uncover the motivation behind the search. Was the person going through some existential crisis? Or was it just a bout of healthy curiosity? I’ll never know, so I probably shouldn’t drive myself into an existential crisis 😐

Moving on from being philosophical… It’s that moment when I list the top ten posts since my last hundredth post (I hit 500 posts last November):

1. Kings and prophets in the Old Testament (previous rank: 5; was at #6 at the time of my 400th post)

2. Hebrews: Jesus is better (previous rank: 9)

3. I am a Ribbon Hero (previous rank: 1)

4. Holy Week timeline visualisation (previous rank: 6)

5. Hebrews: The priesthood (no previous rank)

6. Why did Jesus have to be tempted anyway? (previous rank: 2)

7. How to tell if you’re proud and what to do about it (previous rank: 8)

8. Lies women believe about emotions (no previous rank; was at #9 at the time of my 400th post)

9. What’s going on in Numbers 5:11-31?? (no previous rank)

10. Lies women believe about themselves (no previous rank)

10. Lies women believe about circumstances (no previous rank)

Incidentally, 6 of the 10 posts from last time are still there, with 1 of those holding firm since January last year. I’m still trying to decide whether it bothers me or not that only one of these top ten posts of the past ten months was written during that time.

On a related note, earlier this year we users of got country stats. Here’s how my world map looks like so far:

Visitors to this blog by country
Visitors to this blog by country (Feb 25 – Sep 05 2012)


I wonder what prompted the solitary visitor from Kyrgyzstan to visit 🙂 (A total of 24 countries have a single visitor apiece.) The leading country (the U.S.) has over 10 times the number of visitors as that in second place (the U.K.). Kumusta kayo to all the folks in the Philippines, currently in 3rd place. My homeland, Kenya, is in 7th place just ahead of Italy.

Let me close by thanking my regular readers who follow the blog by RSS or email and therefore don’t show up on the map stats: thanks, and I hope you don’t regret having signed up!

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