Pssssst! Want a free study Bible?

Yes, completely free.

You may be wondering what the catch is. As far as I can tell, it’s that the Faithlife Study Bible will probably never be available in print. It can be downloaded onto your iPad, iPhone or Android device, or accessed online at

I’ve had the Faithlife app for a little over 6 months now, though I used it more frequently back when I led Bible studies. Faithlife is aimed at a non-scholarly audience and its greatest selling point (pun intended) is its social aspect, which I haven’t had a chance to use. You can set up public or private groups  and share Bible verses, notes, reading plans, etc. amongst the members.

What I have used are the notes, maps and infographics that come with the study Bible. The package also includes photos and videos. The former I haven’t spent much time on and the latter have, in my experience, never worked.

Despite those glitches, I think it’s an excellent resource to have. So go on and get yourself one of the 2.5 million copies that are being given away!