Belated blog birthday!!

On the 28th of March 2008, I registered Between illness and the usual busyness I had totally forgotten until I logged in to my account:

5 years since I registered this blog

I’ve immensely enjoyed the past 5 years of blogging—even though I haven’t posted as much in the past five months :). Looking for topics to write about has increased my curiosity and has led me into researching stuff that I would have otherwise considered too onerous to look into. I’ve read books and articles, listened to hundreds of hours of audio and watched a few documentaries solely for the purpose of blogging about them. Even though they’ve not all ended up here, I’m sure they’ve enriched my life in some way.

Not to mention that blogging has also given me an outlet for using the occasional polysyllabic word ;).

If the Lord wills it, I’ll still be blogging 5 years from now. And maybe I shan’t forget my blog’s 10th anniversary either!