A concentrated course on the New Testament canon

Here’s a profitable way to spend 3 hours of your time: listen to these three lectures by Michael Kruger:

  • Origin of the canon (length 46:04)
  • Date of the canon (length 50:18)
  • Contenders for the canon (length 46:09)

I strongly suggest listening when you’re mentally alert as he packs things in very tight.

Regular readers of this blog may know I’ve read some extracanonical material (Maccabbees, the Protoevangelium of James, the Patristics). I was especially helped by Dr Kruger’s comments in the third lecture on these and similar material.

The Q&A session (length 28:40) is excellent, not only because the questions are good, but also because the questioners used a microphone 😉

To take in the same material at your own pace drop by Dr Kruger’s blog, Canon Fodder, and read the posts in the series 10 Misconceptions about the NT Canon and 10 basic facts about the NT Canon that every Christian should memorise.

Squish my discontentment

For some weeks now I’d gotten into the habit of making not-so-subtle jabs at my life condition in general and my job in particular. And then I came across the infographic below:

I’d given it a quick once-over and was ready to move on to something else when I felt a nudge to “look” for myself in each category (just another sign of my self-absorption). I started at the top (gender) and worked my way anti-clockwise. By the time I got to ‘nutrition’, I was under conviction.

How quickly I forgot that just a year ago, a lot of what I’ve been complaining about was nowhere in sight. How easily I forgot all that the Lord has done for me. And I’m grateful that He’s still mindful of me, even to the point of using unusual means to get the focus off of what I think I lack and onto what I already have!