Sad and silver-lined stories

I haven’t finished compiling what was supposed to be mi today’s post (procrastination, procrastination), so I’ll share some videos that have impacted me over the last week.

First up is the tragedy of gendercide in India and China. My mother told me she was delighted when I was born—she really wanted a daughter. Sadly, because of cultural influences, not all mothers feel the same way. I found the audio commentary  by the Centre for Public Christianity to be immensely helpful.

Second is another tragedy involving babies—abandonment of unwanted babies in South Korea. The silver lining is the orphanage that takes them in. Via a drop-box.

Finally, to all the single ladies: marry a man whom you wouldn’t mind dressing you one day. An extremely uplifting story from Australia of deep and joyful love in spite of circumstances:

V-day videos

First, for the nerdy romantics: amicable numbers.

You can even buy matching keyrings like those in the video at Maths Gear!

Then, for the Christ-loving romantics: two stories of love and risk.

In each situation, she said that if the shoe had been on the other foot, he would have married her anyway. That says a lot about the self-sacrificial character of both the men and the ladies!

A working hypothesis on the geography of the Exodus

What can archaeology and geology tell us about the reliability of the Exodus narrative in the Bible? According to Egyptologist (and Christian) James Hoffmeier, quite a lot.

Were there non-Egyptians/slaves working on construction projects? Where is Goshen located? What is the likely route that the Israelites took out of Egypt? How was it that the Israelites went from being one pharaoh’s honoured guests to being another pharaoh’s slaves? Watch and find out all this and more (I’ve set it up to skip the lengthy introductions):

Worship: Reverence vs Relevance

The following video isn’t so much a debate as friendly banter between two people passionate about the church (in the sense of the people). Mike Harland, director of LifeWay Worship and Ed Stetzer, President of LifeWay Research sit down and answer only 5 of 600 questions they’d received on the topic of worship in the church.

I took some notes, giving up toward the end as both Stetzer and Harland speak very fast. Here’s what I wrote down: Continue reading