Reflections on Ephesians

I’m reading through the Bible in a year, and every month I post about what I’ve read. Other posts this month are on 1 Kings, Ezekiel, Daniel, Philippians, Colossians, 1 Thessalonians, 2 Thessalonians and 1 Timothy.

Ephesians can be divided into two parts: chapters 1-3 are about God and what He has done; chapters 4-6 are about what believers in Christ should do in response. The book deals with the themes of salvation, unity in Christ, rules for Christian living and spiritual warfare.


1:3-14 is one long sentence in the Greek, 202 words long. God is the subject of every verb but one (in verse 13) in this section. Verses 3-6 focus on the Father, verses 7-12 on the Son and verses 13-14 on the Spirit. Each of these sub-sections ends in praise to God (1:6, 12, 14).

When were Christians saved? Before the creation of the world (1:4). How are Christians saved? By redemption through the blood of Christ (1:7). Why are Christians saved? To be holy and blameless in God’s sight (1:4) and to praise His glory (1:12).

Our response should therefore be humility (we were chosen before we did anything good or bad) and worship (thanksgiving to God for His mercy). Continue reading


Reflections on March’s readings (2)

I’m reading through the Bible in a year, and every month I (try to) post about what I’ve read.

Here’s Part 1.

Galatians: I had no notes on Galatians, so I decided to read through the entire book in one sitting and see what emerged. Here, according to me, are the themes Paul touches on: justification by faith; enslavement to the law; being heirs of God’s promise; freedom from sin; freedom to follow the Spirit; caring for each other.

Ephesians: I had no notes on Ephesians, either, so I proceeded as above. Themes: blessings from God through Christ from before the foundation of the world; salvation by God’s grace through faith; contrasting what the Gentiles were before and after Christ; how to live in light of what God has done; how to live with each other.

Also of note in Ephesians are Paul’s prayers in 1;15-23 and 3:14-19. Of all things he could have asked for, he prays for knowledge. Maybe I need to change the content of my prayers…

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