Joseph, Daniel and Jesus

I’d have loved to have been present when Joseph and Daniel first met. The stories they must have exchanged! Both were torn away from  home as young men; they both had a God-given gift of interpreting dreams (Genesis 40:8,41:16; Daniel 2:27-28) that saved lives and saw them rise in the power structures of a pagan land (Genesis 41:41-43; Daniel 2:48, 5:29). Their love for God’s commands led them both to go against the current (Genesis 39:9, Daniel 1:8). And they were both good-looking 😀 (Genesis 39:6-7; Daniel 1:4).

More important than the things they had in common is how their lives foreshadowed that of Jesus of Nazareth, similarities which came to me after reading this blog post on Daniel and listening to a sermon series on the life of Joseph:

  • All three were exiles/sojourners in a foreign land (Genesis 39:1; Daniel 1:3-7; John 6:38)
  • All three experienced God’s lasting presence (Genesis 39:2, 21, 23; Daniel 2:23; John 8:29)
  • All three did their work with excellence (Genesis 39:8-9, 22-23; Daniel 6:4; John17:4)
  • All three were conspired against (Genesis 37:18-20; Daniel 6:4; Matthew 26:3-4)
  • All three were falsely accused (Genesis 39:16-18; Daniel 6:4-14; Luke 23:1-2)

The difference is that while Joseph and Daniel survived the false accusations and died peacefully (Genesis 50:22-23; Daniel 12:13), Jesus Christ did not. And because of His sacrifice, we who are sojourners in this world (Philippians 3:20) can face opposition without losing heart (Hebrews 12:3)!

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